About Us - OrganDonorAwareness.org

Why we developed OrganDonorAwareness.org

  • In November 2006, 31 year old Kevin, an immediate family member, was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.

  • Members of the family became involved in learning about kidney failure and the need for organ donation.

Who we are

In spite of this tragedy, Kevin desired to bring good out of it, by spreading the word about the need for organ donation, and by supporting others in support groups. Kevin was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. Note: On June 22, 2010, Kevin received a kidney transplant from a deceased organ donor. Kevin

Joan, Kevin's mother, was the first volunteer as a donor. Although she was a match, she was temporarily disqualified as a kidney donor at that time. Joan has coordinated Organ Donation Awareness Acitivities at her place of work. Joan

Al, a relative, began a crusade of providing friends and other relatives with this information, in the hopes of finding a kidney donor. Al was a match, but was temporarily disqualified as a kidney donor at that time. Al

Teresa, also a relative and a website developer, volunteered to develop the website in September 2007, in cooperation with Al, Kevin and Joan. The goal of the website is to provide information and support to those in similar situations. Teresa

You Can Save a Life  Become an Organ Donor

Raising awareness and promoting information about the need for organ and tissue donors and donor card registration