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A Sudden Gift
It was Leap Day 2016 - February 29 - a unique day on its own. That day was as any other - taking my daughter to school, going to work, running by my parents\' home to pick up my daughter after work. Nothing spectacular, nothing new. We said our goodbyes and I headed home, preparing to make dinner, helping with homework and doing my Bible study. The phone rang at 7:10pm and I could tell, by my dad\'s voice, something was terribly wrong. \"You better get here quick. Something is wrong with your mom. Ambulance is on its way.\" That day changed all of our lives forever. As the night slowly dragged on with no word what was wrong with my mom, people from church trickled in the waiting area. Early in the morning of March 1, my mom was pronounced brain dead from a ruptured brain aneurysm. My dad and I knew what Mom had wanted, so we followed through with her wishes of organ donation. My mom, Jackie, always gave to others and her gift of life continues. A few months after Mom\'s passing, we rec
An article I recently wrote, trying to bring awareness and educate others of Organ Awareness. Please share with others! %u201CI want to be remembered for the life I gave, as well the life I lived!%u201D
Alexandra\'s Valentines
In early February 1999 our family suffered a devastating tragedy. As the result of a bad accident on snow covered roads, we lost our daughter, Alexandra. She battled for close to a week to survive. On Valentine\'s eve she succumbed to her injuries. As devastating as that was it was far from the end of Alex\'s impact on our family and several others we do not know and may never meet. Her organs were donated and on Valentine\'s Day a little girl in Ohio received her heart. Several other people received the benefits of her donation including a gentleman in upstate NY whose vision was restored through receiving a cornea transplant. A day does not go by that we think of the gift of life Alex provided the child in Ohio.
Organ donation awareness
I\'m a single mum of 5 children under 10. I\'m awaiting a double lung transplant. I really want to help get awareness out there. I currently have a Facebook page Marnie\'s journey through pulmonary fibrosis. I really want to get it out there. It\'s so close to my heart. I have always said I would donate if I could and God forbid my kids but it\'s just so important to make something good out of something so terrible.
My sister
My sister Pauline who is 44yrs old is waiting to have a heart transplant.she has been in the golden jubilee hospital Glasgow for 7wks now. She has been taken down to theatre twice to have the transplant done, but both times the hearts have not been a match. This has been very upsetting for her. And her family.pauline has a very rare blood group, so it makes it even harder to get a many of us actually are signed up to donate our organs.not many. I was one of those people.its not until something like this happens to someone close to you that you please please please everyone, can you all share this .we need as many people as we can to voulb be your sister brother mum dad or even your own child. and can you all pray for Pauline that she gets a heart soon and is back home with her husband and her kids Morgan Erin & Brandon soon thank-you so much.
Organizing a donor registration event.
I want to organize a donor registration event in our community, both to help a young woman who needs a kidney and to increase the number of persons who are registered as willing donors. Who can help me set this up? Who will come and draw blood for matching? I having been reaching out but not getting a response. Please help me!
I have been placed on the kidney transplant list. Time is running out for me, and I\'m as scared as anyone could imagine. My hope is to find a living donor. Not too long ago, that meant a long search for a perfect match. But today, there is still a way to donate life to your intended recipient even if you aren\'t a match. It%u2019s called the \"Paired Donation Program,\" and through its network, those in need of a transplant \"trade\" donors so each has the best compatible match. Please visit to learn more
Organ Recipient Shares Gratitude With A Song
My name is Donovan Tucker. I received a liver transplant in October of 2013 at UAMS hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. When I came hone from the hospital, I was overwhelmed with thoughts and questions in my mind about the donor. I felt unworthy to receive such a gift. I decided all I could do was to try and pay it forward , to try and be a better man. I wrote the lyrics to a song called \\\"The Gift\\\" to honor the donor , and his family. Additional_Information: The song can be heard on my website, , where there is a link to the National Organ Donor site to help folks register in their state to become donors.
The Liver Next Door
I just wanted to share this remarkable story with you that is making headlines throughout the GTA. The Liver Next Door! On November 20th 2013 my sister in-law who is 21 years old decided that she wanted to save her dying neighbour\\\'s life by donating 70% of her liver. Erica Tomlinson is truly an inspiration and she has saved Renee Ly and will continue to save more.
My Husbands
I lost my husband David to a car accident 16 years ago and I still miss him to this day. David was a donor to 5 people. I have met his heart recipient and could not have wished it to go to a kinder and more loving man. This last Friday 11/29/2013 I lost My husband Daniel. The loss is so fresh and I miss him so much. Daniel was able to also donate his Heart, kidneys and liver, besides tissue and much more I\\\'m blessed to know 8 or 9 families have been helped out there thru the gifts of donations from David and Daniel. The loss of my loved ones hurts, but the new gift of life the recipients and their families have received helps with this loss. I miss David and Daniel and celebrate their donations. My heart goes out to the families that have also lost their loved ones.
She gave her heart
My cousin, Jennifer, gave her heart away on Feb 14, 2003. She was a loving mother of twins (who were so young that they really don\\\'t remember her). She had a brain tumor that was causing so many severe headaches. She decided to go the route of having it removed. Unfortunately for those little ones and the family, she never survived that surgery. She was a very loving and giving family member and I still miss her dearly to this day. She was so giving that was an organ donor. She had a strong heart that was a wonderful valentine\\\'s gift for a young mother in NY. This woman now gets to live and her children will have memories of her.
15 years later - My husband is still here
In November of 1996 my husband was accepted on the waiting list for a new heart - his one he had been born with had a complex congential heart defect(s) that not many ever saw but drs had managed to keep him alive until 30 - we had a daughter who was 4 and a son who was under a year old. When they asked why he wanted a transplant he said so he could walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. On March 8th 1998 in the very early morning I received a phone call from him at the hospital saying they had a heart. Friends came over to watch the children sleep and for the next day as well. A new surgeon was introduced to me after they took my husband down to surgery who was a pediatric transplant specialist with complex congenital hearts - he just arrived the week before. After a very long operation (it was the only major snow storm in MN that year) due to travel conditions his new heart arrived. He amazed all the drs at his recovery and now 6 weeks after his 15 yr anniversary he walked
Second chance
In December our son-in-law began having liver problems. A trip to the hospital shed no light on why, but his liver was not functing and they did not know why. The hospital released him (for Christmas) with instructions to get more labs done the 27th. That day he was advised to seek medical help at UCLA. His wife drove him there where he was admitted in acute liver failure. As the doctors tried to figure out what was causing the problem his condition worsened. His wife was then 3 months pregnant with their 3rd child. She stayed by his side night and day, afraid to leave him alone. On January 23, 2013 I received the call I dreaded. He no longer recognized her and was not responding to any of the medications. Doctors were frantically searching for a liver. At 7 p.m. she called and said they may have found one, they were testing it. At 11 p.m. she called and said they would do surgery at 9 a.m. if he could hold out through the night. That night we prayed for the family that was losing thei
Hero On The Horizon
For about 10 years of my life my grandpa has had difficulties breathing. It was a combination of dust from the saltmine he worked at and smoking. His lungs were terrible. He saught help from a doctor and they said he needed a lung transpant. But before he could get one he had to do 2 things. 1) stop smoking. Us grandchildren helped with that by hiding his smokes all the time. and 2) go to bootcamp and get fit. My grandpa for around 2 years he struggled to get healthy and fit. Then it was only a matter of time and if a donor could be found. In 2011 my grandpa got his lungs. A soldier died and saved my grandpa. It was his last act of saving the people of our country. He became my own personal hero. I don\\\'t know his name, how old he was or what he looked like, only that he was a soldier fighting in Iraq. He means so much to me because he kept my grandpa alive. Now my grandpa doesn\\\'t need his oxygen tank and he can move freely and do things he hasn\\\'t been able to in a long time. H
Like Father, Like Daughter
When I was in the fourth grade my father, Jeffery Dean Harris, passed away. I remember my mom explaining to me and asking me if I thought we should allow \\\"Daddy to continue to help people since he went to heaven.\\\" We did and my father began an organ and tissue donor. Six years later I suffered a severe personal injury. I became a donor\\\'s recipient. I received ligaments for my left knee from someone who, while alive, decided to donate their own personal organs and tissues. Since then, I have personally registered myself as a donor.
Son donates to father
On May 7, my son Joshua gave me more than 50% of his liver. 2011 was a terrible year of suffering, hospitalizations, financial devestation and ruin. Today I have a healthy liver, am riding my bicycle, walking 2-4 miles a day and loving life! My son\\\'s gift still makes me cry. Just last week we were at a music festival with 12,000 others. They featured our story with a professionally-produced video promoting organ donation. Please feel free to use it if you find it helpful. (It\\\'s just over 2 minutes long) Thank you for all you do! We MUST reduce the wait time. I have friends who are dying. Additional_Information:
The Most Amazing Experience
Hi! I\\\'m Laura and on April 3, 2012 I donated my left kidney. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Before I donated I did a lot of online research, and I made a pact with myself that I would put my story out there once I got through my surgery. So here I am! Rather than type out a long story here I am just going to post a link to my blog There are lots of pictures, and I encourage anyone with questions or comments to email me or post. Whatever you feel comfortable with. When I was looking for information I came across a blog that really helped me ... you can find a link to that blog on my site as well. I encourage anyone reading this blog to consider giving the gift of life. It\\\'s not for everyone, you have to make sure it\\\'s the right decision for you, but it really is an amazing feeling to know you have helped someone. I believe helping others creates true and lasting happiness. We are all connected ... when we help others we
Heart transplant
Hi, first of all this is amazing to find :)I am 20 years old and my name is hannah kelleher and i recieved a heart transplant on december 11th 2011 and my life has changed so much, without it it probably wouldnt be here now. i would love to help to make donation more known as ive seen poorly people (now friends of mine) in desperate need of organs. so sad to see when you can see the rewards of how this helps and im eternily grateful to my donor and the family who have saved my life, i hope its a comfort to them knowing they have
heart transplant
my husband recieved a heart transplant on Sept. 12, 1993 and he continues to do well, thanks to the loving family that agreed to donate their loved ones organs. God bless this family. I hope to some day meet you. Perhaps in another life. God Bless You!
organ receipient
I was 21 when iwas detected with nephritic syndrome.Every medical help,be it allopathic ,homeopathic alternative treatments were tried but in 1997 it was diagnosed with kidney failure.I never wanted to get operated as a lived the best years of my life ,but my mother insisted that i must get operated life is worth trying.they could not see the eldest child in the family getting died in young age.She was adamant enough to push me to get operated.she donated her kidney to her eldest daughter thats me .and said i have given the birth two times to this child of mine. believe me god is here on this earth that`s why he gives us parents .I got transplanted in year 2000. now iam married gave birth to daughter in year 2005 with normal delivery and wrkhard .thnku god ,thank u mom for giving and donating such precious organ we too should contribute towards awareness and spreading the noble cause. Additional_Information: Manu Bala Sandhu,kinney transplant receiver,age38married after transplant and
Transplant Saved My Life
I sit and try to put into words what my transplant has meant to me. Why did I receive this miracle of life? Hey I do not know. I feel I Am one lucky human being. I get to get up in the morning and brush my teeth. I get to hike up Aspen Mountain for the Summit for Life event. I got a new hip. I got to ride 62 miles for Team Transplant at the Elephant Rock Bike Ride. I got to hike to the crater of Mt. St. Helens. I get to see my family more. I get to eat good food. I get to be a Big Buddy. I get to work everyday. Well you get the picture now I GET TO BE ALIVE. And through being alive I get show people that transplants do work... I feel I am the everyday person who has had a transplant and continues on facing the daily trails and tribulations of life. The special thing is I am alive to experience more life. So to continue on here\\\'s what got me to this point in my life. First I would like to say my transplant would not have been successful without the support of my friends in Washingt
Donor Mom
On May 24, 2006 my son, Rocky passed away from a motorcycle accident. Due to his endless nature of always helping out the underdog we thought it only right to allow him one last chance at helping out the underdog. Through his death, seven people live and 2 more see with countless others benefiting from tissue. I continue helping spread awareness and the importance of Organ Donation and the real need. Through helping educate people on donation, it helps me heal and know that someone else might also have the Gift of Life. I could not change our outcome, but we were able to change the course for others. The legacy my granddaughter has of her father will live on forever. This donor Mom has also lost and gained so much. All I ask is that you take the time to educate yourself and think about in my son\\\'s own words, \\\"Passing it Forward\\\".
Please Help My Friend
One of my friends, who is more like family, really needs our help. She has a blood type of O and is in dire need of a kidney transplant,plus she only has a short timeline. Just Yesterday, she went to the doctor and was told that her kidney function was getting worse! We really don\\\'t want her to have to endure dialysis, and we are doing everything possible to spread awareness. Here is some information so that you can get to know her better. Her name is Lindsey and she is a great, funny, loving, and loyal young woman. She is very dedicated to her family and always puts others first. She is way too young to have to go through this. She recently lost her grandmother and that was extremely difficult for her, as they were very close. We have been spreading the word on facebook as much as possible, but we are still in need of finding a donor, aka hero!! Please help us by spreading the word! Thank you!!! Additional_Information: We have a facebook page set up called Donate a Kidney t
Shared my life with someone I never met until i gave
Pls see this wonderful article my local magazine wrote as Shelly did and excellent job in tellin our story! Additional_Information:
My Angel Sebastian.
My son was hit by a car this past July, he was 4 years old almost 5, we made the decision to donate his organs, he was able to donate his kidneys, liver and heart, the heart whent to a little boy who they tell me is doing well, I wish to meet the boy who has my son\\\'s heart one day, that will be more of a blessing I hope the family will let us meet him, bitter sweet emotions, our son is missed so much beyond words, I love you and always will my precious angel, now I just have to learn to live without you, and train my soul and spirit not to feel sadness when I think of you but joy, because I know that you are alive and are with GOD, in a wonderful place that my imagination can only think of the best things of this world...Keep an eye on your mama and papi and brother who also miss and love you so much..I will see you before I know it, Sebastian your mommy and daddy here on earth..
Choice to donate organs
on sept 6, 2011 my 21yr old daughter had a horrible accident. She was placed on life support on sept 9,2011 after determining she had no brain activity i made the decision as her mother to donate her organs.I never slept that night savoring the last moments of her life such as they were at 6am i took solace in the fact that two people had there prayers answered.They werent my prayers but someone elses mother father child wife their family member was getting another chance at life.At two fourteen pm my daughters life ended but she saved two peoples lives with her kidneys and liver.This is something i will always think about that some good came out of my great loss knowing apart of her was still here in a way.The transplant cordinater was wonderful and at the end of my daughters life i got to hold her as i did when she was born.Her not tubes or breathing machines as all that was able to be removed where as if i chose not to donate they would have to have been left in just disconnected.
My heroic Angel
Hi, i have a beautiful Angel by the name of Jaymee. He was 17yrs old when he passed the gates of Heaven. One never thinks that the death of your child will ever be and its the hardest and lonliest feeling. As we received the horrific news by the doctors that my son will not make it and if we wanted to donate. That decision was not hard as he always thought of others and loved kids. what was hard is letting him go. Just knowing that my baby saved many lives 2 from his kidneys, 2 from his lungs, 1 with his heart. He had a beautiful Heart!! and i wish i can just listen to it, hear his voice and i will one day and do in my dreams. I love you Jaymee. I wish that all his receipents know how lucky they are to be a part of My Jaymee Detevis!!!
A heart for my brother.
four days ago Saturday I had been postop for approximately 4 weeks, I had an Ely ostomy surgery. So finally I had the strength to get up and call my brother Mark, as we were talking he told me he had had another heart attack. My brother through heredity had received unfortunate a week heart. He told me just a calm as one could be that the doctor had given him my brother six months to live, unless he got himself a new heart. Well all I can say is this absolutely and 100% floored myself I could not refrain myself from crying or babbling on about if he was joking or not, and of course he was not. I cannot think of anything any worse than losing my brother and a younger brother he\\\'s only 46. There is not a moment that goes through the day I am not thinking about losing my brother. I lost my faith in our Lord years ago August 15, 1992 to be exact when the Lord decided to take my father, who was suffering and dying from a horrible case of colon cancer. I had regained or as I\\\'ve been to
ARC - A True Hero
My brother Aaron passed away June 23rd, 2010. He had just turned 21 a few weeks earlier, and a freak accident left him brain dead. When my family found out that Aaron would not make it, we were immediately approached with the concept of donating Aaron\\\'s organs. He had already decided to become a donor when he got his drivers license, which made it an easy decision for me & my family. I stepped forward & helped with the donation process by completing all of the neccessary paperwork and meeting with the people from Donate Life Virginia. The same day that Aaron passed away he saved 6 lives. His heart went directly into the chest of a 40 year old police officer who had been on a heart pump & unable to leave the hospital for months. Our saddest day was his families happiest. The only thing that brought me comfort during such a hard time was knowing that multiple people were living, breathing, & enjoying life because of Aaron\\\'s gifts. His lungs went to a nice young man who suffered fro
The gift of life for Christmas
My son was born with a heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA). He had surgery at 6 days old to correct the problem. Unfortunately things did not go as planned, and several hours after his surgery he suffered a major heart attack. He was placed on the ECMO, and the doctors made it very clear that he was fighting minute to minute for a life he did not yet get to experience. After 13 days on the ECMO, 28 days with an open chest, countless ups and downs, and the breathing tube in for over 3 months he beat all the odds and came home at 4 1/2 months old. The doctors made sure that we understood that his heart was still extremely sick from the damage of the heart attack. He was home for just over a year when we got the devastating news that he was in heart failure. He was placed on the heart transplant list, and was quickly getting sicker and sicker. On December 9th, 2010 (when he was 21 months old) we got the call saying they had the perfect heart for him. He
Saved 8 lives being an organ donor
Jovante Woods, son of Bengals player Ickey Woods, passed away last 2010 of a severe asthma attack and saved 8 lives being an organ donor. Cincinnati Children\\\'s Hospital Medical Center wants to spread the story of Jovante. Additional_Information:
God worked through Personals Ad
Our story starts 34 yrs ago when my birthmom at the age of 15 gave me up for adoption. I went to a wonderful mom and dad but as many stories they unfortunatley divorced a few yrs later. I too followed the path of my biological mom and got pregnant at 17. On January 28, 1995. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter Michelle at 3:30 am in New Orleans. That evening my mother went on her first date in years with a man she met in the personals. They immediatley clicked and moved in together 4 months later. They have been in love ever since. (16 1/2 yrs) My new step dad had diabetes and was insuline dependent but they traveled and had a great life. Four years into there lives he went into renal failure. He was on dyalisis three days a week regaurdless of holidays or weather he had to go. I had since moved back to Texas and they came down every year for Christmas -In 2000 they made the 7 hour drive to come for Christmas - that year mom looked so tired and my step dad had dyalisis on Christmas Ev
Inter-religious live organ donation
Myself and my family members, decided to help a very dear friend who was suffering from chronic renal failure. I donated my kidney to him on 25th May 2010. He is doing very well. What attracted the print and electronic media was our religions. I belong to Hindu religion and my friend is a Muslim. Even the President of India took note of the event and invited us to the Rashtrapati bhavan (Presidential house). Many social organizations have felicitated me to have crossed the barrier of religious divide not uncommon in our country. Additional_Information: I am preparing myself to spread awareness of organ transplant in Central India. My stress will be on cadaver organ donation.I wish to contribute in my small way having learnt from my own experience that human beings are same. Religion are man made. Lets overcome and form a comity San all barriers. Incidently I am a doctor into Blood Banking.
Brother gives gift of life to sister - kidney donation - 2011
I was in complete kidney failure when diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008. Multiple Myeloma is cancer of the plasma and is not curable. My only chance for a kidney transplant was to take part in an experimental study at Massachusetts General Hospital. Both my brother and I live in Ohio. I needed to find a perfect match donor. All six of my siblings were tested but only Jimmy was a perfect match. We both had to travel to Boston. Jimmy went through extensive testing to be sure he could donate. On Feb. 9th, 2010 Jimmy donated a kidney and bone marrow. I am currently cancer free with a functioning kidney! There have been many set backs but I am encouraged every day with the progress I am making. My brother is truly a man of courage and a loving heart. He has given me the gift of a normal life. I can never repay him. I can only love him more with each new day. Additional_Information: Jimmy and I would like to use our story to encourage people to be tested for organ donation. We feel b
8 yr old Katie\'s organ donation saves others
On march 18, 2008 our 8 year old daughter died after being hit by a mini van. As we sat in the hospital taking it all in something told me to ask about organ donation. Once we got to talking with the people from the donor center it was only right to follow thru and donate. We lost our daughter, but she was able to help 2 little boys and 2 grown men. I never really thought about or really knew what was involved with organ donation until katies accident. I want everyone to know and understand what it really means to be an organ donor. You can save someones life.
The Secret to Living Is Giving - brother donates kidney to brother
In no way do I want anyone to take anything negative away from my post here. My post is meant to inspire, not detract from the incredible experience of becoming a donor. Having said that... My name is Greg and I am an alcoholic! I realized I am an alcoholic when I was 27 (now I am 42) and having gone through many painful situations on this front. I am in recovery for 15 years now and am very happy. My story takes a different turn when 6 years ago I learned of an older brother to a very close friend of mine going into renal failure (kidney) after fighting the aspects of a recurring disease for years. I dug down deep to find what I knew would be a great experience of donating my own kidney to save this mans life. Not only do I credit the experience of donating my kidney as one of the greatest things that happened to me, but I look at it as one of two experiences that changed my sobriety and kidney gave life back to another person, the other gave life back to myse
by Diane - Love can make you walk thru fire without blinking - daughter in law donates kidney to father in law
Wednesday October 6th will be another new start for Domingo (my father in law). His kidneys first failed 17 years ago and he began dialysis for more than 2 years. Now 14 years later the kidney he received has shut down and no longer functions. When test results confirmed this information earlier this year, I began my mission. I have decided to donate a kidney to him. After extensive testing and plenty of rejection from him, we are finally scheduled for the kidney donor transplant. I\'ve never wanted anything more in my entire life. Never have I hesitated and I truly believe this is my calling in life. The love I have for him cannot be measured and I would do anything to have him here longer.
Mother is proud of 18 yr old \"Angel\" daughter\'s organ donation decision
In July 2010 I lost my precious angel of 18yrs old. She was the light in my life and one of the reasons I live, the other is my son. On her 18th birthday in May 2010 she went to get her new drivers license. A few weeks later she came running thru the house saying \"I got my card\". Of course I assumed she meant her new lisence. She held a card that was not her lisence and I said \"what is it\" she smiled and replied \"my organ donor card from the D.E.A.R. website\". I couldn\'t believe she had gone on the website (on the day of her birthday) and registered. She said she wanted to surprise me since I had explained my donor card to her when she was 11 and told her she had to wait until she was 18 to decide if she wanted one of her own. I cannot tell you how proud I was on that day. When she left us, her organs went on to save four lives of four strangers. I can\'t tell you how much more proud I am now. My daughter was amazing, beautiful inside and out. The lady who has her heart should
by Melanie Knight - sister donates kidney to sister on November 20, 2009 - submitted Sept 25, 2010
August 21st 2009 I was 17 years old and terribly ill. I was rushed too Vassar Brothers Hospital where i was admitted. On that day i remeber being hooked up too many machines too moniter my blood pressure, my heart rate my oxygen and things of that nature. Blood was constantly being draw so eventually I became immune too the feeling of needles poking my arm. Hours and numerous test results, later I was diaganosed with End Stage Renal Failure. I heard every word the docter said but I was unable too comprehende. I looked around the room too see my mother along with the rest of my family and friends shedding tears, at this point I just wanted too go home. It would take months for that too even be a possibilty. I was placed on dyalisis (peritoneal) and I spent 3 months of restless nights in Vassar Brothers Hospital. When i was able too return home trips too the emergency room was something that I did at least 3 times a week. These trips were caused by complication with my cathater, vomittin
Chris Klug - Transplant Recipient and Olympic Medalist - Promotes Organ Donation - posted August 27, 2010
Eighteen months before winning third place in the giant slalom at the Olympic Games on February 15, 2002, Klug underwent a liver transplant. The professional snowboarder was the epitome health until 2000 when a rare liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis had destroyed his bile duct. Klug not only persevered physically %u2013 with the bronze medal to prove it %u2013 but also mentally and spiritually. Today, through several non-profit organizations including The Chris Klug Foundation and Donor Dudes, as well as speaking tours, interviews and his book To the Edge and Back: My Story From Organ Transplant Survivor to Olympic Snowboarder, Klug has become a passionate advocate for organ donations. For almost a decade, he%u2019s been educating people of all ages on the importance of transplants and improving the quality of life for recipients, donors and their families. In a one-on-one interview on, Klug reflects on his journey, how donors give people second chance
Kevin Receives Kidney Transplant on June 22, 2010
Praise God for the success of this transplant and for comfort for the family of the donor. Kevin was diagnosed with kidney failure in Nov 2006. Although his mother and uncle were matched as donors, they were temporarily disqualified. It was Kevin\'s desire to promote the need for organ donors, which was why this website was developed. We are forever grateful to the unknown \"hero\" who cared enough about his fellow man and country to serve in the US Marine Corps, and then later in his life, to be an organ donor.
Melissa Meyer Donates Kidney to Cousin - June 2010
I recently donated a kidney to my cousin. When I found out he needed one I was tested. I heard all kinds of scary stories about how my life would change after I donated.I then started investigating on my own and also the hospital gave me information. It is not as scary as one would expect. The only change I have had is in my heart. It is a tremendous feeling knowing I was blessed and able to help save his life. I now join groups to encourage people to donate,and I do not take even the little things in life for granted.
Kathryn Garcia Living Miracle Kidney Transplant Recipient - May 2010
I was born with hypoplastic kidneys (never developed) and had my first kidney transplant at the age of 2 which was donated my my wonderful mom, and that lasted 10 years. I had my second kidney transplant at the age of 13 and that was donated by a family who had to deal with saying goodbye to their loved ones so that I could live and I thank them everyday for making such a hard decision, that kidney lasted me 11 more wonderful years. Then at the age of 27 I had my 3rd kidney transplant (and hopefully my last) and that was donated by my twin sister and this past christmas has been 4 years ago already and I am proud to say that I am doing great. I know a lot of people out there don\'t believe in organ donation but until you have to walk in that person\'s shoes please don\'t judge us because we never asked to be in that situation, I truly believe God just wanted us to show people how to live strong. I thank all the many families out there who have lost a loved one and decided to part with
Four Year Old Waits for Rare Heart Kidney Transplant - (2010)
My story starts 4 years ago when Aaron was born he was born with a rare heart defect called hypoplastic left heart. He has had three open heart surgeries and numerouse other surgeries related to his heart condition. When Aaron was six weeks old we lost our 27 month old son Ethan to hypotropic cardiomyopathy. It was never diagnosed so it was a sudden tragedy. My now 4 year old son, Aaron, is in heart and kidney failure he is fighting for his life. we are (Aaron and myself) had to move 500 miles away from home and live withen minutes of the transplant facility where his lifesaveing transplant will take place at UCLA Childrens Mattel hopsital. I have two other children at home and a husband. For now our family is torn apart because we have to be close to the hospital. We have been waiting 3 months on the UNOS list and he was in the hospital since June of last year. This has been very difficult for us. His story needs to be shared! Pediatric organ donation is not as common as adult organ
My Son - Recipient and Donor (2009)
My son, Daniel, was born with Cystic Fibrosis and in 1985 they gave a prognosis of 5 to 8 years. Well, we were blessed in that he wasn\'t suffering too much in relation to other sick kids, but it still is so hard, and seems so wrong that kids get sick. Dan was an easy going guy with an almost ironic strength. At 15 we were told he needed a lung transplant. Well, he got angry, and got better - enough to be off the top of the list. He did fight and fight, so it seemed he would live to be 20, then 30, etc. Eventually, he did get to the point of not being able to attend college & work, which he\'d been doing. Then they said \"now he certainly needed the transplant\". We asked where his doctor would choose if it was his child. We went to Chapel Hill, NC near UNC hospital. He continued able to get by, but was obviously failing. It was a TRUE miracle when he received his new lungs! He recovered so quickly and so strongly, his prognosis went way up! About 20 months later he succumed to septic
Too fast, Too young - posted 2009
Kevin was the picture of life itself - an active, healthy young man with no history of medical conditions. One evening, after sitting at the computer for an extended period of time, pain in his legs and swelling ankles sent him to the hospital. A biopsy was scheduled and the results confirmed a kidney disease. Though he was told he would out live the disease before ever needing dialysis, in less than a year he collapsed. Unconscious, Kevin was rushed to the hospital. The days that followed were touch and go. On a scale of one to ten, the toxins in his body were a nine leaving him with little chance of surviving. Kevin zest for life is unmatchable. Though he was in an induce coma, it was evident he was not ready to give up. Waking up in the hospital days later, no longer able to live the life he was use to, he found himself attached to a machine trying to comprehend his new lifestyle - mechanical life support - dialysis. Days turned into weeks and weeks into month but he rose to the c
Father received a kidney transplant
My father received a kidney transplant in his mid-40s (2009). Just 7 years later, sadly, the kidney failed. My dad chose not to go back on the list for another kidney because he knew the demand for organ donors and he knew that having a failed transplant, he would be placed at the top of the list. He did not want to take the risk of stealing a chance at life from a younger patient, so he decided to go on dialysis for as long as his body could stand it. My fater passed away July 5, 2008, at only 60 years old. Sixty years is not enough time....but, thanks to someone\'s decision to be a donor, we had 7 priceless additional years with him. I am passionate about Organ Donor Awareness because I believe there are more people who simply forget to take the necessary steps to save lives with their tissue and organs than there are people who actually choose NOT to give. Getting the message out means that more people will know the need to be intentional about their wishes and someday there won\'t
Child\'s death saves 9 lives
Last February (2009), my 12 year old son\'s very close friend died in an accident. The kids were devastated, but hearing that Tyler saved 9 lives the day he passed away gave the kids something positive to cling to. My son has not taken his \"Donate Life\" bracelet off since February of this year. Tyler\'s story broke my heart but also gave me a new perspective from the donating family\'s point of view. Why wouldn\'t someone want to know that their loved one lives forever in the loving gift they give when they pass away?!